Luxury residential development Mayfair

Luxury residential development Mayfair

Luxury residential development Mayfair

Luxury residential development Mayfair

Luxury residential development Mayfair


Joseph Giles were specified on this large-scale project which involved the remodelling of an exquisite and luxurious apartment complex in the heart of Mayfair, London.

The complex, comprises of seven luxury apartments, the residence includes a swimming pool with a therapeutic air lounger, exercise studio, a sauna, and a spa. At £7000.00 per square foot, this development makes for one of the priciest residences in London. Located on the historically significant South Audley street, and only a stone’s throw away from Hyde Park, the décor in this building needed to live up to its surroundings; and so employed Joseph Giles to manage the hardware for the project. We supplied all door hardware (many of the designs were bespoke), as well as a selection of cabinet fittings.


Given that this building has so many combinations of unique door details, this was our most challenging enterprise yet. We were also tasked with developing special finishes to match the aesthetics of the building, such as Almond Gold; which we created exclusively for this project. We were very meticulous in planning a comprehensive schedule, and our project team were required to audit every door set to ensure our hardware was compatible.


Joseph Giles worked closely with architects Squire and Partners and interior designers Martin Kemp Design; both renowned for their skill and finesse. Together, we all had an invaluable role in defining the style of the project.


Throughout this project, Joseph Giles attended project meetings and site visits at every stage of the process. We offered sampling, scheduling, pictorials and door set packing.


The proof of our success is seen in the spectacular and first-class décor that such a stunning complex achieved. Our designs worked perfectly with the architecture of Squire and Partners and the interiors designed by Martin Kemp Design. The collaboration of such fine companies proved to be harmonious, as each aspect worked well to produce a cohesive beauty that can be readily seen and felt for the discerning homeowner. With world-class design and world-class materials, one cannot go wrong; and we look forward to working on products of this calibre in the future.

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