This project for a luxury golf club southwest of London proved to be a new experience, as it was our first time working with this type of commercial property. The project specified the modelling of a new member’s club house, which resides on the longstanding course and main reception. The club offers members luxurious services, such as the chance to relax in their spa, three beautiful restaurants and a hotel within the estate. Due to the nature of the environment, this club is member’s only, with high-society figures opting to join for a retreat from London’s fast-paced city life.

We supplied our beautiful handles LV1113, DP1009, LV1029 and LV1050 for this project, as well as escutcheon ES1001 and lock LA1007.

We worked together with an interior design firm, a fit-out contractor and a metal door subcontractor to achieve the end result.

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