For this project, we were asked to participate in the complete overhaul and architectural redesign of an incredible five-storey family home in the charming and elite Notting Hill area. The goal was to create a clean, uncluttered space with a lean towards minimalist design. We worked with Goldstein Ween Architects and a contractor to achieve this goal.

We provided products for a number of different sorts of door, cabinet and window configurations, including glass shower door fittings. For the property’s external doors, we offered specialist roses to match their existing hardware. We provided a range of bespoke items as well as our Ashworth lever handle, known for its beautiful geometric design and smooth, clean lines. All products were specified in our dark bronze waxed finish in order to complement the lighter colour palette of the home’s aesthetic, which allowed the beauty of our products to shine through. Our endeavour, which included providing a full hardware schedule, project and site meetings and door-set packing, led to the creation of an incredibly modern space, exactly as the client had envisioned it.

Designed by – Goldstein Ween Architects

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