The project contributed to the creation of a breathtaking 12,500 square foot family home in Oxshott, Surrey. The home sits on an acre of land and has a stunning entrance hall and cinema with an incredible leisure complex with pool, gym and sauna. Aspire Luxury Properties Limited were the main contractor and partnered with us in order to make the design a reality. Our goal was to make the house luxuriously modern.

In order to make this modern space, we supplied our Wilson and Harrison collections; all in our timeless dark bronze waxed finish. The Wilson is known for its intricate square design, while the Harrison features smooth lines with its sleek indented motif. To give the hardware a slightly softer look, we customised the products to fit on round roses instead of our standard square ones. Both are perfect accents to the space and fitted beautifully within the greater design scheme.

We were able to deliver the product customisations on time with a smooth and efficient delivery service. Throughout the process, we offered samples, routine site visits and a full hardware and pictorial schedule, which allowed for a harmonious team effort. The combined efforts of this project led to an award winning home. We were excited to have worked with Aspire Luxury Properties Limited (www.aspireluxuryproperties.com).

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