This project was for the design of a beautiful residential complex, comprised of luxury apartments and penthouses, in London’s prestigious Marble Arch area. This was our first project of many with 1508 London, a design studio that specialises in luxury design. We also worked with the property developer, architect, main contractor, joinery and glass sub-contractors, and the client’s representative to achieve a cohesive and high-quality design over the property’s
seven floors.

For the complex’s single doors, we used our Bennett lever handles; however, instead of the bridle leather we normally use on the handles, we wrapped it in our luxurious and unique faux shagreen, adding both a visual and tactile interest. For the double doors, we used our Remmington door knobs, known for their stepped circular motif, which provided an interesting contrast with the lever handles. We also used a range of unique products with special materials, including glass door knobs. In keeping with the theme of the faux shagreen-wrapped Bennett lever handles, we added the material to door pull handles for glass doors and sliding door pulls. Since the penthouses were bespoke design schemes, with some including wine cellars, we created bespoke products, such as shower handles and other ironmongery, to ensure that each space had its own unique characteristics.
Because this project was so diverse, we went above and beyond in ensuring an amazing end result. We provided detailed hardware schedules at every step, developed a detailed master keying strategy, bronze finish co-ordination, sample boards for approval, pictorial schedules, routine site visits, site surveys, meticulous project management and CAD drawings of bespoke products. After these rigorous endeavours, everyone involved was immensely pleased with how
stunning the complex turned out to be. It truly lived up to its elite status.

“Joseph Giles shares our desire for exquisite detailing, enabling projects to be of the highest calibre.”

Hamish Brown – Partner, 1508 London

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