15th August 2015

Bespoke centre door handles

Bespoke centre door handles

Inside the security gated road, the immaculate frontage of this imposing residence is topped off by a pair of high gloss double entrance doors, with oversize solid brass ringed centre door knobs setting the scene for the stunning luxury interior.


This recent project included one of our classic door knob designs in our mid antique brass finish on the ground floor internal doors; the Joseph Giles research and development team designed and created these special bespoke centre door knobs to match the design of the door handles inside. It’s not just as simple as scaling up the design, either – each dimension is considered in minute detail to ensure proportions are exactly right and the product works technically as well as aesthetically. You can read more about our bespoke design services here.


To view the full project case study, please click here. Note that due to strict confidentiality we are unable to publish full images of the interiors, and we thank our clients for allowing us to show our products in such a creative and inspiring setting.

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