26th October 2016

An Interview with Cathy Azria of B-D Designs

An Interview with Cathy Azria of B-D Designs
How did the collaboration with Joseph Giles come about?


After having lived in the same home for 30 years, I moved last year to my new home and had to do it up. I was looking at my own door handles and it reminded me that Joseph Giles was by far my favourite – I’ve bought all my door furniture from them. We’ve had a good relationship and I like their utterly professional attitude – so that’s where the inspiration came from to work together.
What is your creative approach?



I was happy with my door and window furniture in my new home, but I never found anything for my drawers that I wanted to live with, no matter how much I was prepared to spend!

I then recognised a feeling I had – the same one that led me to create my first fireplace sculpture, my bronze tables, Moons , Loops etc… so there I was, with a big smile, contemplating actually being so lucky to be in my position so I HAD to do it!


What materials did you use?


It had to be solid cast bronze – not bronze colour or finish, or any commercial alternatives to the real thing. I worked from clay and wax so Joseph Giles could go ahead with their fabulous work and produce it in rough bronze.

I have years of experience with different kinds of patinas which can only be obtained from working this way – which makes the game even more exciting!

Are there any particular buildings you love?


I love everything that is really beautiful and well-made, with no short cuts or design compromises.
Textures you like and don’t like?


I always avoid high shines and synthetic materials.

Favourite all time colour scheme?


Whites, greys and blues.
Trip that most inspired you?


What catches your eye when you first walk in a room?


The combination of different materials and textures.
What should people be generous with in a room? Comfort and space
What’s your favourite environment to create for?


Any. Harmony is what matters whatever project you look at.
What would other people say your favourite saying is?


 “Less is more”

For more information on Cathy’s work, please visit and to see her new collection with Joseph Giles, click here


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