21st November 2017

Abigail Ahern’s World

Abigail Ahern’s World

Abigail Ahern, with her signature golden locks and two dog companions, Mongo and Maude, glued to her side, has made a name for herself in the world of interior design. With a beautiful London store, which is rated as one of the coolest places to shop by Elle Decoration and a network of hundreds of students from across the globe who attend her design masterclasses, Ahern is one accomplished woman.


With hundreds of interior designers that populate London, Ahern manages to stand out from the rest. Perhaps it’s due to her signature dark colour palette; which she describes as, “bottom of the lake hues”. Or maybe it’s her self-proclaimed tongue-in-cheek furniture, which is often playful and overtly British. Either way, the design world can’t get enough, and the resounding question on everyone’s minds is, “What inspires her?”


In an interview with Harper Bazaar, she says in answer to this question, “All those little things that turn a room around quickly – the finishing touches,”. In fact, Ahern believes that with a strong colour palette (beige, beware) and small details such as quirky lamps or cushions, one can totally transform their interior into something wonderful. With her new collection being showcased in the luxurious hotel Cheval Three Quays, her eclectic taste is on-show, making some of her other inspirations easy to pinpoint.


Ahern adores plants, specifically succulents. But not real ones, plastic ones. In fact, Ahern is championing the controversial movement of having fake plants in the home; a general no-no for most interior designers or discerning homeowners. However, looking at the variety of faux plants on her website, they are shockingly realistic, and evidently, will last forever.


Ahern also loves statement pieces, such as her favourite “cobra lamp”, a beautiful lamp whose base is in the shape of a coiled cobra. Her advice is to pepper such statement-making pieces around the house, just to keep intrigue flowing when inviting guests over for a soirée.



Her latest obsession? The ruggedly designed No. 29 Power Station West in Battersea. This restaurant makes all of their food from scratch and according to her, “Make one heck of a Bloody Mary”. Go for the brunch, stay for the wine. All of her recent obsessions can be found on her immensely popular blog, which is showcased on her website. In a sense, Ahern is unafraid to show the public and the industry exactly what makes her tick. A window into her world is a window into her soul; a creative fusion of British wit and carefully curated palettes and furniture. It’s hard to curate eclecticism, but Ahern does it beautifully. And, as lovers and purveyors of luxury details ourselves, we admire her for it.


Images courtesy of Abigail Ahern and Graham Atkin-Hughes

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